Your Results May Vary

One thing I think it’s real important to keep in mind is that there’s a whole lot of random in daily test results sometimes. Today, I feel like a hematological rock star, because one of the nurses told me yesterday, “You’re a rock star for getting a high enough white count to be given tomorrow off of coming in” to the outpatient unit. But that’s definitely not the whole story of the past couple weeks.

your results may varyAlthough my counts have been going up like crazy for the past three or four days, before that there were three or four days when my main clinician (whom I’ll call Nurse Practitioner Brusque Yet Friendly) seemed clearly disappointed that my white counts were stuck in the 700s.

And before that, there was the exciting first day when the nurse told me there were signs of marrow activity (a white count of .25), and my assignment was to be .40 the next day, but instead I dropped to .19.

Jesus helped me keep these reversals mostly in perspective (at least, to the extent of not brooding on them when I was supposed to be falling asleep), but it’s always a temptation to dwell on things.

Anyway, for today, yay! My white counts and ‘phils are technically in the normal range. But they’ll probably fluctuate some more (starting now that they’ve discontinued the ‘phil-boosting shots and put me on a routine antibiotic that will suppress my counts a little). And that’s ok.

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3 thoughts on “Your Results May Vary

  1. Laurie

    Hi Zab,
    Laurie here, just wanting to say hello and let you know I’ve been thinking of you. I’m glad I made my way to your blog, and am able to see how you’re doing.
    Also to say that you have a gorgeous head. Very nicely shaped! I like the Sinead look on you 🙂
    I pray that your white counts and ‘phils continue to stay “normal” and that you have your strength.
    I would like to see you sometime soon if possible. Let me know if that could work!
    Love you!

  2. Facing Cancer (@cancer2gether)

    Take the wins as they come 🙂 I’m glad your numbers are up! And that’s one awesomely specific name for your nurse, it’s great. ~Catherine

  3. thispatientlife

    Enjoy reading about your journey – admire your sense of humour in the face of what is at times a tough journey. I am at Day 43 post transplant and riding the same rollercoaster of blood counts and waiting for the 95/5% results but reckon each day I am well is a bonus. Regards Andrew (This Patient Life)