wry smileThis blog is Elizabeth Palmberg’s thoughts on surviving cancer, which I’m doing for the second time. I’m a big fan of my employer Sojourners magazine, my awesome church, my family, my  friends, and my doctors and nurses, but all opinions expressed here are mine and not theirs.

I encourage you, if you’re between the ages of 18 and 44, to join the national bone marrow donor registry, to help people who don’t have close-enough siblings like I do. In the unlikely event you get matched with someone and asked to donate, most donations require no bone-drilling or anesthesia (just shots to make your stem cells overproduce into your blood, from where the extra lifesaving cells can be filtered).

If you’d like to see my thoughts on non-oncological matters, check out my Twitter feed @zabpalmberg or magazine articles and blogs I’ve written for http://www.sojo.net. If you’d like to see my way-less-persnickety version of that no-knead bread recipe, with video, click here.

All blog content copyright © 2012 E. Palmberg and guaranteed 100% brave and freaking noble.

1 thought on “About

  1. Andrea White

    Love to you always in the Forever, dearest Zab. Your spirit was one of a kind, and I was so fortunate to have known and loved you and to have received your love and affection. Thank you for being so giving of your self to others and the world. Love, Andrea White


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