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Bruce Springsteen: “Rosalita”

[Another handwashing-to-the-oldies song fragment to help you wash your hands for the full 20 seconds. Because being immunocompromised doesn’t mean you have to sing “Happy Birthday To You” ad nauseam.]

Ok, I kind of shoehorned this song in, because I felt like including it … the chorus is around 11 seconds, so if you sing it twice that should work:

Rosalita jump a little lighter
Senorita come sit by my fire
I just want to be your love, ain’t no lie
Rosalita you’re my stone desire

OR, you could use this verse segment, if you are familiar enough with the song to remember it. This one is 20 seconds long, so no need to repeat:

Jack the Rabbit and Weak Knees Willie, you know they’re gonna be there
Ah, sloppy Sue and Big Bones Billie, they’ll be comin’ up for air
We’re gonna play some pool, skip some school, act real cool
Stay out all night, it’s gonna feel all right…

Tempo taken from this Youtube video, which says it’s the album version.

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